Forestry Mulching

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to grind and clear all vegetation on your lot and/or land. The equipment uses a rotary drum to chip and shred vegetation into mulch, which is returned to your land. 

An Ecofriendly Land Clearing Process Available for Your Lot or Land

Many of the common and quick land clearing processes damage the land and create a mess of branches, stumps and more. Instead of destroying your land with a bulldozer, let Oakwood Land Clearing use our top of the line equipment and ecofriendly forestry mulching service to efficiently clear your lot with minimal disturbances to the ground. 

No Burning. No Haul Away. No Up-Rooting.

When you employ our forestry mulching service on your land, you will appreciate that everything is mulched onsite and down to ground level. Unlike common land clearing methods, our forestry mulching equipment and service seeks to minimize:

+ Disturbance to the Ground
+ Up-Rooting Trees
+ Soil Erosion
+ Leaving Excess Tree Parts on Site

In fact, the mulch produced acts like a protective blanket, eliminating erosion that would typically occur with a bulldozer land clearing method.